Jazz stars like Jochim Kühn, Michael Wollny, and Nils Landgren trust Klaus with their art as he brings listeners the essential step closer to their sound.


The shared love for electronic music, from ambient to techno, makes him the mastering go-to choice for an evolving community of producers like Kalipo, Dina Summer, Chris Schwarzwälder, Christian Löffler, and Solomun.


Under his alias, Trummerschlunk, Klaus weaves narrative traces of improvisation, handcrafted synths, and modularized sounds into tapestries of experimental sound art. He has performed live at Garbicz festival, Holzmarkt, and Berghain Kantine.

Berlin Philharmonic

Klaus regularly records and mixes experimental collaborations of leading musicians from different genres and all over the world as part of the "Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic" concert series.

Open Source Software

Klaus believes in open knowledge and happily shares his expertise and tools. He has taught sound design at the academy of fine arts in Munich and develops free and open-source software to improve sound and audio in the evolving digital realm. His latest software project master_me has been funded by the German Ministry of Research and Education via the Prototype Fund.

Guiding Values and Support for Activist Art

Klaus is committed to using his privilege, expertise, and influence to deepen diversity, equity, inclusion, and sustainability in the music scene. He supports artists who challenge harmful and exploitative systems and address urgent social and environmental challenges. If your message is important, it needs to be heard widely! Klaus regularly helps young bands with an activist approach on their way to an album or song. Let's collaborate to create music that amplifies voices, raises awareness, and makes a positive impact.

Studio & Setup

Klaus works in his studio in Berlin, Kreuzberg, where he draws on an eclectic range of analog and digital tools to create the right framework for each music project. This may include a rare Studer A820 tape machine, some vintage V72 tube amps, or custom coded filters.

Clients and Collaborations Include

Acud – Thomas Atzmann – B-Tight – Adam Baldych – Majid Bekkas - Chris Beier – Bongbeck – Brigade – Caliban – Luciano Biondini – Céline Bonacina – Rainer Böhm – Ben Böhmer – Lucia Cadotsch - Philip Caterine – Tobi Christl – Lars Danielsson – Benoît Delbecq – Christopher Dell – Deorbiting – Klaus Doldinger – Scott Dubois – Echoes Of Swing – Petter Eldh – Emil Bulls – Elen – Frittenbude - Gimmix – Torsten Goods – Ronny Graupe – Rigmor Gustafsson – Wolfgang Haffner – David Helbock – Yaron Herman – Fred Hersch - Vijay Iyer – Jin Jim – Joney – KUU! – Kalipo – Kalle Kalima – Uli Kempendorf - Joachim Kühn – Rolf Kühn – Krink – Local Suicide - Atrin Madani - Scott Matthew – Neonschwarz – Nils Landgren – Christoph Lauer – Christian Lillinger – Magnus Lindgren – Jan Lundgren – Nguyên Lê – Rita Marcotulli – Natalia Mateo – max.bab – Miles Mindlin - Max von Mosch – Mo‘ Blow – Monopohl – Leszek Mozdzer – Marius Neset – Gerardo Núñez – Oberst & Buchner – Klaus Paier – Emile Parisien – Vincent Peirani – Jukka Perko – Diego Pinera – Jan Prax – radio.string.quartet.vienna – Rampue – Hania Rani - Iiro Rantala – Erna Rot – Ida Sand – Otis Sandsjö – Heinz Sauer – Eric Schaefer – Andreas Schaerer – Matthias Schriefl – Chris Schwarzwälder – Dina Summer - Supershirt – Jens Thomas – Three Fall – Victoria Tolstoy – Tonbruket – Tubbe – Trummerschlunk – Asja Valcic – Ulf Wakenius – Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr – Michael Wollny – Pete York

Work Samples